Saving Professor Moody

Professor Moody is a very large cat, fifteen pounds large. He’s part Siamese and has Tabby markings. He has these beautiful, big, blue eyes and super long claws.

He has a ridiculous meow and loves getting litter everywhere. No matter how amazingly soft you think his stomach looks, I’d advise you to never, under any circumstances touch it to find out. He will growl his growl. If that doesn’t make you stop, I promise you have less than two seconds before he bites or scratches. Hence how he got his name, plus we’re Harry Potter lovers.

He loves boxes and laying on the couch. He’s lazy and doesn’t play often and sleeps most days away getting his fur on everything. If he does play it’s with a hair tie that’s found it’s way to the floor. He likes to knead my blankets and lay in the sun by the back door.

He has a food bowl that has a timer in it that we got off of amazon (PetSafe 5-Meal Pet Feeder). When he hears that thing he will wake up from a dead sleep and go running and sliding down the hall. You can’t open up tuna around him without giving him some or he’ll drive you nuts. 

He loves his daddy the most and tolerates Maggie and I. Okay, he loves us but loves Benji the most. Benji is his person. 

I couldn’t tell you everything I know about this cat if I never walked into the animal shelter that had him. Benji, Maggie and I had been talking about getting a cat. A female kitten to be exact. 

In June of 2016 while Benji was at work Maggie and I went to the shelter. Of course we seen this huge cat with beautiful eyes, almost the same color as Maggie’s. His name was Pedro and seemed really sweet. 

We talked to a lady that worked there and it turns out he’d already been adopted twice and brought back both times. He apparently didn’t like other cats or kids but he let Maggie pet him and even purred. As we walked through the shelter and looked at all the cats and kittens my heart was set on this Pedro. I wasn’t crazy about his name and figured we’d change it. I took some pictures of him and sent them to Benji. Afterwards, Maggie and I went home.

The next day, which was Saturday, we returned to the animal shelter because Benji is allergic to some cats and wanted to see how he’d do. He liked him and thought he was beautiful so we took him to the play room and spent some time with him. Afterwards we went home and talked about it, while Benji took a Zyrtec for allergies from all the other animals. 

Monday Maggie and I went back, to get our kitty! We brought him home in a box and introduced him to his new home. Guys he was so moody! If Maggie walked by him to close he swatted at her feet. If one of us would pet him in a way he didn’t like he would bite.

I’m not going to lie we were a little worried, after all I was warned. We changed his name and gave him some time and space. That’s all it took, he warmed up to us quickly and now knows he’s loved and he no longer attacks feet! We are even given a warning before he bites or scratches.

I’m so glad we adopted him and gave him a chance at life. If we’d taken him back, who knows what would have happened to him? All I know is I wouldn’t have him laying at my feet while I’m laying on the couch or rubbing up against my leg while I’m opening a tuna can. He wouldn’t be our Moody pooty stinky booty. Adopt from your local shelter! You won’t regret it.

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  1. Awwww ❤️ This is the sweetest! I’ve been trying to talk hubs into getting a cat. Maybe this will convince him lol

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