Replanting Succulents

Succulents are very low maintenance plants. You don’t have to water them a lot because they retain water. This is why they’re some of my favorite plants. Unfortunately I’ve killed some because I watered them to much. You only need to water them about once a week, depending on the climate you live in. More humid areas need less water and 3 or more times a week in a dry area.

You can usually buy succulents for pretty cheap, unless you’re buying the ones in the fancy bowl and pretty rocks. We bought some so we could replant and make them look really pretty. We’ve had some for awhile that we needed to replant. I let Maggie pick out what rocks she wanted to use. We also picked out two pots and Cactus, Palm and Citrus Potting Mix that is good for succulents.

I separated the succulents so we could have more to plant, since they spread so well. 

Maggie wanted to replant them so I let her have at it.  We decided to only put the rocks in the glass vase. 

These are our beautiful results!

 I can’t wait until they spread and look even better!

Nonconventional Gardening and How To Do It

We have a nonconventional garden and I’m going to tell you why it works for us. It could work for you too if you don’t have the time or even the space for a big garden. Our family loves eating the food we’ve grown ourselves. 

Truth is last year we tried having a garden. Benji tilled up the ground and made a contraption so we could get most of the rocks out of the ground. We planted tomatoes, squash, zucchini, onions, butternut squash, yellow peppers, and jalapeños in this huge space. We were so excited we had a garden! The plants were coming up so good. Then all of a sudden it was blistering hot and our plants literally got fried.

I suppose we didn’t water it enough and it was constantly in full sun.We were gone a lot last summer, as we will be this summer. It just didn’t make sense for us to go through all that work for nothing again. Last year we planted asparagus in our flowerbed that gets shade, so we’d remember where we planted it since it comes back every year. The asparagus did really well even though you don’t eat it the first year and it’s coming back nicely this year.  We also planted a grape tomato plant in our flowerbed last year and it provided a lot of  tomatoes. 

This year for our garden we decided we were only planting tomato plants, cucumber plants and strawberries. Benji planted one tomato plant in our flowerbed,  my mom, Maggie and I planted the other three tomato plants and four cucumber plants in two planting pots and Maggie planted the strawberry seeds in a little bucket kit she got from five below. I wasn’t blogging when we did all of this but I did take you all some pictures that I can show you now. 

You don’t have to grow a huge garden or spend tons of time gardening to be able to grow your own food. You can also grow herbs in the house, I haven’t yet but want to try it soon.

Cleaning stains in car seats and carpet with Pinesol

This whole inspiration came from my best friend. She came up with this to use for her own car and told me about it. This girl has been my best friend for literally half my life and hasn’t let me down yet. This hack is definitely no different from her! We’ve went from living less than 10 miles from each other to over 600. We’ve been through a lot together and even though we’re so far away, we’re still together in this thing of raising children in messy cars.  

You need:

  • 1 spray bottle
  • 1 part Pinesol (your choice of fragrance)
  • 2 parts water
  • A bowl or bucket of water
  • A cleaning rag
  • A toothbrush or scrub brush

When I first wanted to try this cleaning hack I was just planning on using it on my seats and carpet. There are plenty of stains from spilled coffee to ice cream to only God knows what. I was going to wipe everything down, but all I had with me was the pinesol concoction and quite frankly I was being to lazy to walk inside. 

I sprayed it on my dashboard, doors, middle console  and scrubbed away with Maggies help. I’m not sure what the particular name for the part where the seatbelt comes out of the door, but it was pretty nasty, so I took a picture. Then I cleaned it, woah y’all! I took another picture. So luckily I got before and after pictures. 

Before – After

It was getting dark on me so I’m going to clean the carpet and seats tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the results.

The directions are in the video.

Middle floorboard in the backseat – Before / After


Passenger seat – Before / After

Maggie’s drink holder / ice cream disaster – Before / After

Maggie’s reaction! 

Backseat floorboard – Before / After

Coffee stains passenger floorboard/middle – Before / After

After (There was a little stain that wouldn’t come out.)

Pinesol will definitely be my go to for stains in my car for now on! I hope this was helpful. Happy car cleaning.