Replanting Succulents

Succulents are very low maintenance plants. You don’t have to water them a lot because they retain water. This is why they’re some of my favorite plants. Unfortunately I’ve killed some because I watered them to much. You only need to water them about once a week, depending on the climate you live in. More humid areas need less water and 3 or more times a week in a dry area.

You can usually buy succulents for pretty cheap, unless you’re buying the ones in the fancy bowl and pretty rocks. We bought some so we could replant and make them look really pretty. We’ve had some for awhile that we needed to replant. I let Maggie pick out what rocks she wanted to use. We also picked out two pots and Cactus, Palm and Citrus Potting Mix that is good for succulents.

I separated the succulents so we could have more to plant, since they spread so well. 

Maggie wanted to replant them so I let her have at it.  We decided to only put the rocks in the glass vase. 

These are our beautiful results!

 I can’t wait until they spread and look even better!

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